Web Design & Development

We build each site from the blueprint to the final launch to fit each client's requirements. Well qualified designers and developers will work with you to create a functional yet aesthetically pleasing website. As a business ourselves, we understand the value of time and money. We cover all aspects from registering your domain name to setting up your website and hosting it for you. The Popular Design utilizes efficient web development services allowing us to deliver your website as quickly as possible and at an affordable price.

Start Selling Products Online

We are passionate about getting businesses online and increasing visitors, sales, and market growth. Integrating the best eCommerce software available on the market, we can be sure that you will have a comprehensive solution for selling on the web. We offer a range of different eCommerce solutions from basic PayPal shopping carts to full-fledged secured online stores with comprehensive stock management.

Want to Manage Your Own Content?

We understand that you may want to manage the content on your site once it is launched. From editing small areas of content to publishing a wide range of articles we have the perfect solution that will allow you to update your content on your time.

Intelligent and Dynamic Code

In an enormously competitive environment it is important that your website is ahead of the curve. We develop code that is not only simple and clean but fundamentally scalable to suit your needs.

Website Security Solutions

Website owners are constantly trying to improve business. What most don't realize is that by improving website security, they can increase sales. Customers report the number one reason to avoid shopping on a particular website is security. Aside from increasing sales, website security can avoid defacement of your site, and theft of credit cards and other important information. Website vulnerability can cause serious problems for website owners and visitors. You don't need to be a victim. The Popular Design has the solution for you!

Our website scanner identifies security issues on your website that allow hackers to deface your site, steal information, or infect your customers. The daily vulnerability scan looks for threats and categorizes them by severity with an easy-to-read scorecard. When customers see the Website Protection seal, they know your site meets the "trusted seal" standard and that they can click with confidence.

Get Peace of Mind

Increased customer confidence leads to increased revenue. We make sure your website is scanned daily for weaknesses that a hacker can use to vandalize your site, steal your customer information, and infect your visitors with spyware and viruses.

Immediate Email Alerts

If a serious website security or a performance problem is detected, you are immediately notified via email alerts. There is no software to manage and we handle the set up. Daily scans check for thousands of web-based vulnerabilities; you receive an email alert with a simple scorecard to let you know the severity of the issue: "Critical", "Warning" or "Informational" so that you can take appropriate action.

Be the First to Know

Google is constantly on the lookout for websites with suspicious activity. If it appears that your website may be spreading malware or viruses — even inadvertently — Google will ban your site and it won't appear when searched. We help protect your website from vulnerabilities before they happen and do a daily check against the Google Safe Browsing list to make sure your site hasn't been blacklisted.

Internet Marketing

We believe that marketing is just as an important part the process as any when launching a website. Social marketing has become pivotal in this process with websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube at the forefront. We have the expertise to utilize these networks to ensure that your website will get the attention it deserves and is placed firmly where potential customers can find you.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is essential for any new website or even existing websites looking to improve on their traffic flow. A website that ranks well in major search engines for particular keywords will convert and generate substantially more business than one that isn't optimizing their existing content. We work closely with our clients to identify what markets to target, how to optimize content, and develop a custom strategy tailored around their requirements.

Social Marketing

Having an active presence on social networks is as important as ranking well in search engines in the ever evolving environment of the internet. We focus on employing cutting edge techniques to help you use social networks to extensively promote your services or products. We provide comprehensive account set-up and design customization options, including a broad range of marketing campaign services that will help you manage and grow your networks on these communities.

PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to get noticed on the major search engines and social networks without having to do any of the leg work. PPC advertising on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can provide an instant edge for your website. We have the PPC Campaign Management experience to identify the high performing keywords and minimum budget allowing you to appear above your competitors in the search engine rankings.